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How to choose Dropshipping Products to sell

One of the most common questions asked when starting an eCommerce business, especially a dropship store, is: What are the best products I should sell in my store?

What to Dropship?

Before finding the Best Selling product, you need to understand what are the main points to select a product. It’s similar to creating a Customer “persona” when you define your product’s target audience. Here are some of Product “persona”:
A useful product. You should expressly answer a question: “Why to buy that item?”
Priced under $20
A product which is difficult to find anywhere else. It will give you a great opportunity to set a good profit margin.
A lifestyle item or lifestyle improvement. Even if the price is a little high, if you can show that the product will have a positive influence on their lifestyle, people will surely buy them.
A product on Top trending and Best selling.

Coming up with product ideas is admittedly a little tricky, and the importance of selling a product people want can leave even the most motivated people stuck in analysis paralysis. It often feels like everything you could possibly sell is already being sold—not to mention the reality that there will be plenty of competition in the most popular product categories. The success or failure of your dropshipping business depends on choosing the right products to sell.

With this article, I hope can help you get all the information to find potential products for your business:

Products that are currently trending are great options for your dropshipping business’ inventory. If you manage to source trending products for your store before other competitors, you’ll be able to take advantage of low marketing fees and establish your brand as a leader in that field.

We’ve compiled a list of the top trending products on AliExpress for you to take a look at:

Picking the most popular current items may seem like a winning product? Not really! In a crowded market, the trending product will be squeezed if competition is high. That’s why you need to look for a niche to focus on. Once choosing the niche, you have to carefully select the best items to dropship and test a lot of time. Here’s some tips for you:
Keep a close eye on the top trending products and do research on them
Find out what your competitors are selling and spy on them
Join online communities discussing products. There are some groups where the dropshipping experience is shared.

2. Finding a product niche for dropshipping:

If you start selling things based on niche product trends, you'll have less competition because you'll be offering to a smaller audience. This also means that your marketing efforts will be less expensive, particularly. It will also be easier to rank your store on search engines, which is good for long-term growth.

Whenever choosing niches, remember to go with an item that has low competition. You can also choose to go with niches that have high search volume. Remember that just because you start with a tiny narrow idea doesn't mean you won't be able to branch out later. You might try adding related products that you believe your current customers will be interested in once you've established your store as a leader in that dropshipping category. This will allow you to expand your customer base and reach out to new people.

What you also should do is to spy on your competitors and do better than what they’re doing. When you find a product that you think might be a good fit for your business on Aliexpress, you can click on the 'Who's selling' tab, our system will show you competitors who are also selling that product:

3. Suppliers Product Research

With the ‘Find Suppliers’ button, you will be able to find suppliers who sell that product at a comparable price.

Note: Whenever you found a suitable product, please choose ‘Add to Collection’. It will be saved for later review.
Please check out this article to determine in case that supplier is suitable for you.

4. Competitor Product Research

With the ‘Competitors' button, you will be able to find other competitors who sell the same products as you with shown prices.

Note: Whenever you found a suitable product, please choose ‘Add to Collection’. It will be saved for later review.

5. Research Product Videos on Facebook

The product-related videos you view on Facebook can provide a lot of value. Try searching for "free shipping" or "discount" on Facebook and then selecting the "Video" tab.

See what things have been featured in these videos to get ideas for your store's inventory. Spend time on the videos that have gotten the most attention - if no one has commented in the recent seven days, the product is probably not that interesting to the audience. Fake remarks should be avoided at all costs, since they may lead you to choose the wrong things to offer online.

6. Search Social Shopping Sites for Products That Sell

You can obtain some ideas for dropshipping products to sell in your online store by looking at social shopping sites, which are eCommerce-enabled websites where the buying experience is shared with a social network. Liking, commenting, suggesting, and sharing things with others are all examples of sharing. The basic aspect for sellers on these platforms is to acquire more sales by using other people's recommendations and influence.

Here are social shopping sites you can refer to: Pinterest, Wanelo, Etsy, etc.

7. Join online communities or forums

You can join some online communities and forums to find out what products are in high demand. Facebook has hundreds of open and close communities that can help you. You can narrow your research to groups in a country or region if you want to limit your dropshipping business in these regions.

There are numerous international groups and forums focused on topics such as gardening, fitness, and a multitude of other topics. Check through these groups and see if any products or pain spots are mentioned. If have any problems are discussed, think of a product you could market to solve it.

Besides the information I gave above, you can also watch these videos below for more information:
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If you’ve got any other questions, don't hesitate to let us know via the chat or email at We’re happy to help!

Updated on: 18/07/2022

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