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How Ali Hunter can help you find a winning product

A winning product is a product that sells like crazy. It's something your target audience really wants to buy.

However, choosing a random best-selling item and sell isn't a good way to go. Let's check out how Ali Hunter can bring you the best research strategy to level up your dropship game!

First thing first, get to know four types of winning products

There's no specific formula to find a product winners, however, winning products can be categorized into 4 types:

Untapped products: a brand new product. Low competition but also risky since there's no market exists
Fresh products: trending products that currently increase in orders. High competition but also a high chance to win
Seasonal products: based on seasonal needs, for example, Christmas trees, ornaments, and baubles will gauge higher demand during the Christmas holiday than usual.
Old products: used-to-win products

All of these four types share the same criteria as they will be used to solve a problem (create value) and has a WOW factor (a scroll-stopper)

The key difference between these 4 types is timing and competition, see the image below for details.

Start researching: where to find these 4 product types?

1. Research on TikTok

Search for products that people care about on Tiktok, and leverage our hashtag formulas to discover cool products:

Platform + finds/ must-haves / favorites (ex. Amazon finds)
Product category + hacks / must-haves (ex. kitchen hacks, pet must-haves)
Platform + Product category (ex. AliExpress beauty)
Adj + products (ex. amazing products, cool products)

You can use these hashtags to get started: #amazonfinds #tiktokmademebuyit #viralproducts #aliexpressfinds #productreview #coolproducts

Keep scrolling until there's a product that makes you watch more than 2 times. Take a look at how people interact with the video. If they show interest, then you can look further into that product.

2. Find on AliExpress best-selling lists

Discover products that increase in orders in a short period, and choose a product that grabs your attention for the 1st time.

Since these products are getting high demand, the market may become saturated soon (of course, it can be evergreen too). So if you choose this way, you should check the product more carefully.

3. Take a look at top-selling Shopify stores

Get to know which products generate the most orders for these stores and take it as an idea to apply for your store.

Analyze the products

Important things you should care about:

Price and order history: see how the price and order fluctuate over time to predict its selling trend.
For example, if you see the order chart of a Christmas tree light suddenly increase in a short period, and you also noticed Christmas is coming, then it may increase due to a seasonal factor.

However, there's a slight downtrend in orders, you wonder why? Here you are, one crucial factor that impact this selling trend is time-sensitive. Christmas is coming quite near. Then you must think about chances are this product become saturated soon.

Profit margins: try to find a product that you can sell for at least $20 with a 2.5x – 3x markup. It doesn't normally mean that you choose any product and double or triple the price, it's about perceived value.
For example, would you rather buy a $39 watch or a $39 towel? Of course the watch, isn't it? Choose a product that you think it's worth for the price you've set!

Customers may think it's not worth buying towel at that expensive price. So you get the concept, right?

Customer reviews: do they like it? how's the product quality?
Quality comes first. Read customer reviews carefully before choosing a product for dropshipping to make sure that the supplier is trusted to work with.

Suppliers: avoid overpricing by finding suppliers selling that product and comparing price between them.

Competitors: how many stores selling that product? Check out your competitors on the market to see if there're many competitions there, if there's a lot of competitors then your product may cost higher when running marketing campaigns (also chances that the product will be saturated soon) and vice versa.

Time to win your dropship game!

Please note that these are not "one-size-fits-all" steps.

This is best to help you get started so that once you are used to the research process, you'll easily find yourself a suitable research strategy for your business.

In case you are too busy, let's get started by checking our winning list as we have already done the research and handpicked the winnable products for you

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Updated on: 26/04/2023

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