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Expert's Choice: Amazing Product Ideas for Your Business

Are you unsure how to sort out the best product ideas for your dropshipping store? You've come to the right place. Now check out the latest feature Expert's Choice, where we'll reveal the awesome product ideas that can win you the dropshipping game.

If you are ready, let us start!

What is the Expert's Choice?

Expert's Choice is the ultimate feature you need for trend dropship. It lets you find the most popular and profitable product ideas every day, curated by our team of professional experts. You can trust our handpicked list to help you sell more online.

Why should you use the Expert's Choice?

In this feature, you will discover amazing product ideas and attract customers. It enables you to skip the search and get straight to deciding to sell the product.

With the swipe interface and wow factors, you can easily navigate through the list and find product ideas that suit your preferences.

On the product detail page, you will find an overview section that explains why our experts consider this product to be potential. This will provide you with valuable insights and reasons behind the selection:

Product information: this gives a quick and clear picture of the product. It includes a catchy title, a realistic price, and a concise summary that highlights the main selling points.

Market insight: this will provide you with a more comprehensive overview of the sellers as well as their distribution through Top Countries, Top Sellers, and Saturation Points.

Demand and Popularity: this will give you a more detailed view of the order volume and the locations where they originated around the world.

Keyword related and Matched Ads: this will help you identify the SEO potential as well as serve as a reference for campaigns you might apply to this product.

Accessing the Expert's Choice

Sign in to AliHunter
From the menu bar, go to the Product section.
Navigate to the Expert's Choice, then toggle between the swipe view and grid view to browse the collection.

If you want to explore how to use the Expert's Choice collection like a Pro, check this guide to learn detailed steps.


Finding the best product ideas for your dropshipping business is easy with the Expert's Choice feature. We hope these ideas will spark your creativity and help lead you to a product people want to buy and that you’re equally excited to sell. Best of luck as you embark on your dropshipping journey!

Should you have any further questions, our Support team is always available via the Live Chat or email at

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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