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AliHunter's Summer Updates - Shopify Extension

Have you heard about the latest updates of the AliHunter extension? Stay in the loop and let's catch up on the newest enhancements together!

The key highlight feature of this update is the new extension toolbar that unveils valuable insights to access the hottest and most vital insight for competitor analysis. With this new look, enjoying the app is a snap.

What’s new on Overview?

The new Traffic Insights reveals incredible data and insights on the traffic that your competitor’s website attracts. This information can help you learn how popular and successful their stores are by displaying the amount of monthly traffic and analyzing the valuable data into customer behavior on each page. You can leverage this to improve your own marketing and sales strategies and gain an edge over them.

What’s new on Product?

Besides the existing feature of Best Selling and All Products lists, our updated version now offers you the amazing ability to access and explore New Arrivals items from your competitors. This new feature helps you stay on top of the latest trending products that they are selling.

Additionally, the Product Detail section now offers a powerful feature known as the Media Library. This innovative addition lets users easily download not only product images but also images in the product description.

What’s new on Orders?

Have you wished to export the daily sales statistics report for further analysis but don't know how to achieve it? Fret no more, as we are pleased to announce that in this latest update, you can easily download data from the sales report, allowing you to perform detailed examinations and analyses.

Furthermore, the Hot Product feature will also furnish you with comprehensive data regarding the Best selling item during the duration of your tracking period.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Get the AliHunter extension now or update your existing one to the latest version. We are sure that these updates will enhance your experience and give you a more enjoyable and effective way to hunt for winning products by using our extension!

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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