AliHunter's New Pricing Updates - November 2022

We’re delighted to announce that AliHunter has just released the new pricing starting from November 2022.

What’s Changed?

The new pricing introduces new ways for quota counting. To be more specific, we have integrated our functions into 2 main modules - Product Research and Store Research.

Product Research

This module is useful when you are looking for fully needed information about a product before making a decision to sell it or not. With 1 tracking quota you have for Product Research, you can unlock full set of features below:
View order history & View price history - the Sales data of the products will be displayed as lively and straightforward as you’d like.
Identify and choose the best suppliers from a wide range of related products using the Similar Products function.
Get an idea of how competitive the products are by looking at how many Shopify stores on the market are selling the same products, with the Store Selling function.

Store Research

When you want to do research on your competitors, the Store Research will come in handy. With 1 tracking quota you have for Store Research, you can unlock full features as below:
Live Orders can bring you all you need to know about the business statistics of any Shopify stores, utilizing the realtime sales data and visualized appealing graphs.
Best Selling will show you the top best selling products of the stores you’re researching.
Understand how a Shopify store uses social posts on social Meta platforms to run their marketing campaign.

Changes for current users

All old paid plans will be consolidated to the new plans based on the current quotas:
Your Live Orders quotas will be converted to Store Research quotas.
Your Similar quotas will be converted to Product Research quotas.

Updated on: 19/07/2024

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